All About The Run 4 Life

The Rotary Cochin Central Club, chartered in 1989, has been in the forefront of the relief operations, providing essentials to nearly 500 camps along with other Rotary clubs. In time the relief camps will be disbanded and the effected will return to their homes to piece together their lives again. The Kerala government will do their best in this rehabilitation process. It is all the more imperative that internationally credible NGOs like the Rotary assist in this humanitarian endeavor.

Without any exhortation, our club members and their children have managed to collect nearly Rs. 30 lakhs. It is but a drop in the ocean. But we propose to use this money to rehabilitate the dwellings of the most distressed people in the North Paruvur region (On the outskirts of Ernakulam).

A common apprehension about such collection drives is that the funds may be misused. The following steps have been taken in order to ensure care and transparency in the use of funds.

- A senior Rotarian has been selected and a subcommittee formed under him to identify the needy and process the disbursement scrupulously.
- The committee consists of architects, professionals from the construction field, and financial experts from within the club.
- An oversight committee within the club will scrutinize each payment.
- We will also be enlisting the services of reputed auditor for 3rd party audit.
- A dedicated web site - has been launched for constant updates.

The fourth Edition of Run 4 Life "Letís Rebuild Kerala" is aimed at raising funds for the above rehabilitation activities. The run will be in the categories of 5 Km and 10 Km under the title "Run 4 Life - Letís Rebuild Kerala" to be conducted on 16th December 2018. The run will be supported by young Rotarians, businessmen and individuals from various avenues supporting our cause.

Rotary Cochin Central has a rich history of nearly three decades in community service and we intend to live up to the rotary motto of Service above self.

We look forward to your participation in this hour of need for our brethren.

Event Information

The event starts from Panampilly Nagar Central Park, with a 5 Km and 10 Km ďRUNĒ under the title ďThe Run 4 Life - Letís Rebuild KeralaĒ, scheduled on 16th December 2018.

10 Km Run
5 Km Run
 Rs. 350/- for 5 Km
    Rs. 500/- for 10 Km